Rustic Wine Rack

  • €135,00
Tax included.
  • Private Wine Cellar: What are your favourite wines? Dry red, sweet white, or sparkling wine? This wine rack offers 20 open slots for you to display your wine collection, and a 4-tier design allows you to sort them well, either by type or vintage
  • Open 24 Hours: Did a friend come over for a drink? With this bottle rack, your personal bar is always ready. Glasses are suspended on the 4 holders, and snacks are just waiting for you on the open shelf...
  • Always Balanced: Is your wine rack a little tipsy and having a hard time keeping balance? Not for this wine holder! Thanks to its adjustable feet, it is always stable, even on slightly uneven floors
  • Assembly under Control: Can’t wait to put your bottles on as soon as you unpack the wine rack? Not a problem! With easy-to-follow instructions and labeled parts, 30 minutes will be enough!
  • An Industrial Touch: When steel meets particleboard and black meets rustic brown, an industrial atmosphere arrives—a typical charm from our ALINRU Collection