Soft Pet Blanket

  • €65,00
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  • [Water Repellent] With a water-repellent TPU layer, this cover prevents liquids from seeping through and protects your sofa or bed from unpleasant surprises and dirty paws
  • [Reversible comfort] This blanket is reversible, one side is sheep wool fabric, the other side is flannel. The 2 sides provide comfort when you use it on the ground, in a crate or the dog's basket or on the seat of a car
  • [Non-slip for more security] The 2 sides of this blanket are attached together, the layers do not slip and your pooch stays in place (no slipping or friction between the layers, so no noises!)
  • [Pretty] Neutral in color and featuring the Feandrea logo, this pet blanket easily blends into your interior and decorates your space
  • [Easy to clean and carry] This water repellent blanket is machine washable (wash in cold water; tumble dry low), it's easy to keep your dog's life clean. Very light, you can take it on a trip or camping
  • [Recommended Sizes and Breeds] With dimensions of 152 x 127 cm (XL), this pet blanket is ideal for medium and large dogs, such as Bulldogs, Beagles, German Shepherds, Alaskans, etc