Briciola Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • €349,99
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Briciola is the new robot vacuum cleaner for floors and carpets, cleans automatically and go back to the recharge base when the batteries are low. Equipped with the most advanced anti-collision and anti-obstacles sensors grants a daily accurate clearing covering the surface avoiding furniture, overcoming obstacles and, thanks to anti-falling sensors, without falling above the steps. Through remote control with LCD display it is possible:

  1. Program a postponed cleaning cycle at a precise time of the day (repeated every day),
  2. Drive the robot during its functioning in different directions (left-right-up-down)
  3. Demand the TURBO cleaning to clean the most dirty areas: spot cleaning on a 1,0m area with a higher suction power and speed for the most dirty areas
  4. Return to recharge BASE
  5. Auto clearing mode
  6. Along-the-wall mode