Bathroom Cabinet

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  • Are you still looking for storage that fits into the tight niches in your small bathroom? This large capacity narrow cabinet has been waiting for you for a long time. Simply check its dimensions and see if it is suitable for you.
  • In simplicity, it is also beautiful: it cannot be disputed that a white piece of furniture brings freshness, tranquillity and elegance to your bathroom; in addition, this cabinet fits with its clean lines and simple look to different bathroom styles such as the beach look, country house style, etc.
  • STABILITY FIRST: Turn the cabinet over and discover 8 fasteners on the back - This hidden secret is the reason why the wooden cabinet is so stable; thanks to the supplied tilt protection you don't have to worry about children knocking over the cupboard.
  • An ingenious storage solution for you: store towels in the drawer to protect them from water and dust; in addition, you can store bathroom accessories in the 3 compartments behind the door; thanks to the height-adjustable shelf, items of different sizes can also be put in.