NEW | Sephora Display Unit

  • €310,00
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Modern Bookshelf Design

If you’re looking for a touch of modern design in your room, this modern bookshelf may just be the answer you’re looking for. The S-shaped levels, the light greige color, and the black metal unite to create a stylish look.

Materials Make the Difference

There’s no doubt about it — books are heavy. That’s why this durable bookshelf is made with strong materials, like thick particleboard panels and sturdy steel, in order to keep your books right where they belong.

Beyond the Office

This modern bookshelf can go beyond the call of the office. Give it a twirl in the spare room for decorations, your bedroom for nighttime reads, or living room for board games and fun. Where you put it is up to you!

-Sephora Dimensions:

 Height: 149 cm, width: 80 cm, depth: 30 cm

Fenty Dimensions located in Pictures.