Loft Sideboard

  • €190,00
Tax included.

  • Easy assembly, good tune: Thanks to the easy to understand instructions, numbered parts and the included screwdriver, mounting this cabinet does not leave your hair too mountain, on the contrary.
  • It's up to you. Thanks to the practical sliding door, you can decide at any time and present the other side of the cabinet open. The two shelves inside the kitchen cabinet are also height adjustable: upwards, downwards, adjust them as needed.
  • You will receive: A flexible side cabinet with sliding door that will fit both in your living room and bedroom as well as in your kitchen as well as in your home office. 
  • Adjustable feet on each side: The stability of the cabinet is not only ensured by the robust steel frame, but also by the adjustable feet that compensate for unevenness in the ground.