Hands free Sensored Bin

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  • SORTING SIMPLICITY: Featuring 2 x 35-liter bins, you can effortlessly separate your trash from the recycling, making sorting with this rubbish bin more convenient while developing positive habits
  • MOTION SENSOR EASE: Finally, something that can actually be done with the wave of a hand! The infrared sensor on this trash can lets you throw away your rubbish without needing to touch a thing—it even stays open until you move your hand away
  • KEEP IT OPEN: If you’re cleaning up after a big dinner, easily keep the lid open with the press of the button placed on top. To close the rubbish bin, simply press the button again and the lid will gently close for you, keeping odours at bay
  • SO LONG, FINGERPRINTS: The last thing you want in your clean kitchen is a fingerprint magnet. The stainless steel body of this trash can will continue to shine like new while it resists smudgy fingers