Palmer Bookshelf

  • €295,00
Tax included.

Bookshelf for More Than Books

Did you know that your bookshelf can hold more than just books? Of course! Want some inspiration? Put a few of your favorite books on each level of this bookshelf, accent them with a plant or two, and fill it in with some souvenirs from your favorite vacations.

Style That Makes a Statement

Your bookshelf should have just as much character as the books on it. This stylish bookshelf brings rustic and industrial charm to any space you place it, making an undeniable statement along your wall.

Space That Matters

Your books matter, so any space you use for them matters just as much. This 80 x 30 x 150.5 cm bookshelf brings you 5 tiers of storage space for your most-favored books, decorations, plants, and more.

Bring More to the Party

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