Mounted Rack

  • €90,00
Impuesto incluido.

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Reduce the floor clutter in your entryway and upgrade to a wall-mounted coat rack, giving you and your guests a spot to hang up your coats, keys, purses, and more after a long day at work.

Multifunctional Rack with Shelf

This multi-purpose rack comes with hooks, a shelf, and a bar for all your needs. Use the top shelf for family photos, the hooks for everyday coats and bags, and the bar for hangers to hold your delicate jackets and sweaters.

Decorate Your Entryway

The industrial and rustic design of this wall-mounted entryway rack is perfect for those looking to decorate their hallway while organizing their home. The mix of the rustic shelving and iron frame give off an urban but warm character.

Mix and Match Furniture

If you want furniture that pairs up flawlessly with this coat rack, be sure to check out other industrial style furniture by VASAGLE. There are plenty of options for your living room, office, kitchen, and bedroom waiting to be chosen.

(2 Shelves included in Jacobs Option)