Bamboo Laundry Basket

  • €65,00
Impuesto incluido.
  • NEW CLIP-ON LID: The clip design makes things easier - now it only takes seconds to clip the lid onto the hamper; easily remove it if you want to take out the liner bag and carry your laundry to the washer
  • STABILITY FULLY UPGRADED: With a sturdy board attached to the lining, this improved base is stable, will never fall out, and has a static capacity of up to 25 kg; jeans, sweaters, winter jackets, and bed sheets can all go in this laundry bin, no problem!
  • SEPARATE YOUR COLOURS: The breathable cotton bag liner is divided into 2 sections—one for the light laundry, the other for the darks; the sad story of your new white shirt getting stained by dark jeans won't happen any longer
  • WHY BAMBOO? If you think resilience and durability are all the only reasons, you might be surprised when this refreshing laundry basket crafted from bamboo strips adds a bit of country charm to your home