Lockable File Cabinet

  • €210,00
Tax included.
  • Stability for the most offices: Are you a busy person with a lot of papers? Each drawer of this steel office pedestal can hold up to 15 kg, enough for all your files. The extra castor under the bottom drawer ensures high stability.
  • Fully open or closed: The sturdy castors allow you to pull out the drawers completely, and also provide a stable hold. The high-quality lock protects the items stored in the cabinet from unauthorised hands and eyes.
  • Next to the table or next to the shelf. The decision is entirely up to you. This cabinet is equipped with 5 castors (two with brakes) so you can move it freely and place it next to the printer or in another office.
  • Already pre-assembled: This office cabinet comes pre-assembled so you don't have to spend all Sunday afternoon on a complicated assembly. All you have to do is screw on the castors and handles.
  • What you get: A filing cabinet with 3 large drawers and a lock that protects your private stuff. In addition, this cabinet is equipped with castors so it can be easily moved and creates more storage space in your office.