Cat Apartment

  • €160,00
Tax included.
  • Vintage Now Also for Cats: The dark wood veneer of this cat tree, as well as the contrasting white fuzzy pads, lend this piece of cat furniture the flair of a rustic, snow-covered mountain hut
  • For Clean Cuddly Cats: The cuddly cushions are attached to the platforms and in the cottage with hook-and-loop fasteners. They are also easy to remove and easy to clean
  • Where’s Whiskers’ Favourite Spot? On one of the spacious perches of the cat tower, or in the spacious cat cave? No matter which place your cat chooses, the cat condo always offers the highest stability due to the stable MDF boards
  • Claw Sharpness Test: The post of this cat tree is completely wrapped in sisal. Your cat can sharpen her claws to her heart’s content on this and the small scratch mat—better than on your sofa, isn’t it?
  • Make Your Cats Happy: Spoil your cats with this cat tree so they won't feel lonely when you’re away, and let them play and relax in comfort