Playroom Organiser

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  • TRAIN UP YOUR CHILDREN: Every morning, we tell kids to clean their rooms, finally a piece of furniture will prompt them for you; this shelf will help teach your little ones to keep their room in order regularly
  • A TIDY PLAY AREA: Scattered toys, books, and stationery and no place for your feet? This is your little one’s kingdom, their strewn about treasures will find their rightful spot in this kid’s storage unit with a toy organiser and bookshelf in one
  • SIMPLE AND FUN: Removable bins, kids will tidy up their room for fun just like they are playing a game; 6 standard and 3 large containers provide plenty of storage for everything you need
  • LEARN TO CATEGORISE: Lemon yellow, sky blue and grass green are cheerful colours to build bright imaginations as they enjoy their creative space; this unit also helps in teaching how to organise and catogorise in a fun way