Cats Play House

  • €165,00
inkl. MwSt.
  • WITHSTANDS ENERGETIC JUMPS AND CLIMBS: Want your cat to play like crazy on this tree? No problem! The wooden reinforced base and the included anti-tip kit make this cat tower so stable that it can even accommodate several cats
  • ENDLESS FUN: The posts are covered with sisal, the bottom is a scratch board, here is a rope, there is a plush ball...your cat will certainly be satisfied with this climbing tree. "Meow, what am I going to play with?"
  • SO SOFT: What cat doesn’t dream of rolling around on a tree covered with soft plush? Plus, the top platform with padded PP filling has raised edges so your cat can lean against it comfortably. Make your little tiger purr!
  • THE DESTINATION IS RELAXATION: With a spacious condo and a relaxing hanging basket, this cat tree is like your cat’s island paradise. Even in the living room, your cat can have unlimited holidays!
  • MAKE YOUR CAT HAPPY! Treat your little velvet paw to this cat tree so that it won’t feel lonely when you're away. Satisfy his desire to play and relax in comfort!